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Band ring with cabochon-set cross stone

Band ring with cabochon-set cross stone


Our custom order process begins with your inspiration. For this minimalistic statement ring, the client envisioned a handmade sterling silver piece with a gemstone, perfect for special occasions.

After browsing our selection, she chose a textured cercle cabochon of cross stone from Chile and opted for matte finished band to complement its beauty.

We meticulously crafted a silver bezel for the gemstone, soldering it onto the 3,5 mm band. Finally, the cross stone was securely set, completing the creation of a truly unique and personalized ring.

From start to finish, our custom orders are handled with care and expertise, ensuring each piece is a testament to your individual style.

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Sterling silver & cross stone from Chile


Gemstone diameteter: 10,4mm
Silver band: 3,5mm x 1mm

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